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Dry Skin? Try TATCHA

If you’re like me and have what is called combination skin, then you know, YOU KNOW how much we struggle during the wintertime. For me, winter brings on the dry skin and no matter what I do, no matter what products I use, my skin always remains dry.

Not only do I have combination skin, I also have sensitive skin. I call my skin “bougie” because it’s the kind of skin that doesn’t like when you introduce new things to its regimen. She likes what she likes and that’s that. So, when my friend Liv told me about the brand TATCHA, I was super hesitant to try. Mostly because I know that trying new products can often lead to new breakouts, which I clearly do not want on this sensitive, yet acne prone skin. BUT, in the spirit of trying new things, I went out and bought the two Tatcha products that changed my entire life.

THE ESSENCE – a plumping skin softener that deeply hydrates, moisturizes, and brightens the skin. What I love about this product is that it maximizes the performance of all skincare products that you use after it. When used before any skincare products, it creates a pathway for them to be delivered more deeply, further amplifying their effectiveness. I use this product after cleansing my and before my toner/moisturizer.

Retails for $95 but such a worthy skincare purchase

The Water Cream — An oil-free, anti-aging water cream that provides the nutrient-rich, balanced hydration that my skin so desperately needs. This moisturizer clarifies and refines the skin with pure, powerful Japanese botanicals such as Wild Rose (visibly tightens pores and smooths out the skin texture) and Leopard Lily (helps control excess oil and clarifies skin by encouraging natural skin turnover.

Retails for $68 but also a worthy skincare purchase.

Introducing these two products to my skincare regimen has been amazing so far. I’d love to hear what products you are currently using? Leave a comment below!


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