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An Introduction

I told a friend about my new venture. Blogging. “Finally,” she said, “but you’re going to need thicker skin”. I’ve been thinking about this statement quite a lot.

I am going to need thicker skin. To blog.

I’m going to need thicker skin if I’m going to allow “strangers” into my life.

I’m going to need thicker skin.

But don’t I already? I had to have some semblance of a thick skin in high school when my guidance counselor told me that I would never get into college. Or how about the time when I was told that I could never make it as a writer. “You’d be better off becoming a romance writer”. What an insult.

That means thick skin, right?

So why blogging? A girl just needs an outlet.

In my line of work, there is a certain amount of creativity that is needed, and I felt that every ounce of creativity that I had was going “only” to my career. Which is good, it’s needed to pay the bills, but I kept asking myself the same question, “what am I doing for myself?”

This question only got louder as I found myself in lockdown. Thanks, COVID. My life now revolved around work and I found myself longing for that something that was just for me. Blogging has been that thing that I’ve played around with for years. I can’t begin to tell you how many “unfinished blogs” I have floating around the internet. I also can’t begin to tell you how many times I’ve talked myself out of or even continuing because “I don’t have what it takes”.

But a lie only becomes the truth if you believe it.

So, here’s to believing in myself and what I bring to the table.

Here’s to kicking down doors and creating an outlet for my thoughts, views, and many, many, many outfits.

Here’s to creating my own seat at the table.

I truly hope that you stick around. I have so many exciting things in store and would love to journey on with you.




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