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Sometimes, change is good

I'm a creature of habit. If I like something, I'm pretty much sticking to it—that's just how it's been for pretty much all my life. I mean, I have the same breakfast every morning—oatmeal with a dash of cinnamon, a splash of maple syrup, and top it off with a handful of blueberries. And yes, each bite taste like the very first time I'm having it.

Knowing this, it's only fair to say that the word "change" is not in my vocabulary. In fact, once upon a time, the idea of changing up my routine pretty much petrified me.

Then marriage came around and yup, talk about a BIG CHANGE.

I've been married about 7 months now and I can honestly say that I am not the same girl that I was back then. That girl ran from change, while this woman runs towards it. I embrace it now because I've come to see it for what it really is—growth. I don’t know about anyone else, but marriage has been a real eye-opener for me because I believe it’s truly is a mirror.

Now what does that mean, Uc?

Well, my marriage has given me a better understanding of who I am and why I act or react the way that I do. It’s revealed a lot that I didn’t even know about myself in such a short time. And I say short because man, do I have a long way to go! I’ve come to understand certain truths about myself that I’d never EVER realize if I never took the time to be self-reflective in my own time and that to me is growth. So, when I say that I’ve changed, I’ve truly changed…in my thoughts, actions, and so much more.

My way of thinking about myself and about others has completely changed in so many ways.

I think I'll dedicate a blog post to my top 5 changes in the near future but today, I just want to be practical and mention the #1 change that has occured. I'll call it a a mindset shift. I've come to the understanding that...

I am completely in control of my own thoughts.

Henry is an early riser, I am not. I value my sleep or let’s just call it a beauty rest. As a creature of habit, I have a specific morning routine: wake up at 7:30am, bathroom, put on my apple watch, pray/journal, and start my day. If I wake up at 7:25am, I am not a happy camper because that’s 5 mins of sleep that has been taken away from me.

Which is something I’ve tried to explain to Henry, but he looks at me like I’m crazy because it’s definitely not his fault that I’m also a light sleeper (haha). Some mornings, he wakes up and usually starts cleaning up—which leads to the clanking of dishes, cups, etc. and who wakes up…me and she is not happy. This often leads to grumbling and usually the thought that runs through my head is “how disrespectful of him”. But one morning, as upset as I was, God reminded me that I literally have the choice to put those negative thoughts about Henry aside and try to see it, rather him in another light. He’s just being helpful. His love language is acts of service so why not be thankful. Thankful that he loves you.

This little switch in thinking has helped save him from many-a-early morning wrath and has saved me from just starting off my day on the wrong foot.

This shift has come in handy in my other relationships as well. I now have the tendency to determine what reaction to give to a situation. I now understand that not everything deserves a reaction and baby, that has saved me and my time in so many ways.

In my pursuit of peace and a drama-free life, I can honestly say that change is good.

Leave a comment below and tell me what life has taught you about change.



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