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Top 3 Spring Trends To Keep Your Eye On

I honestly cannot wait for spring – my absolute favorite season, mainly because it’s not too hot or cold, the weather is just perfect. Another reason for my love for spring is that I can now introduce some color into my wardrobe. A perfect Segway into our discussion today.

Yes, spring is on its way and that also means that there are new trends to look forward too. Here are 3 trends that I’m looking forward to and some things on my Wishlist.


Not only is this such a powerful color but it’s an “in” color this coming season. For someone who is a bit afraid of color, I’m truly looking forward to turning over a new leaf and introducing the color red into my wardrobe. Per Porter Magazine, the key is keeping the rest of your look pared back – think slicked-back buns and minimal accessories to let the red really sing.


Joyful Dresses

Totally out of my comfort zone but hey, I’m all about trying new things, right? Plus, I’ve been following Tenicka Boyd (@TenickaB) for months now and if she can do color the way she does, then I can too.


BELLO|EDU Mini Rena Dress (this link needs to be updated)

Modern Black Dress

Who doesn’t love black dresses? I totally do. I’m a big believer you can never have too many black dresses. They’ll always come in handy. In SS21, the little black dress has been reinvented for SS21 with entirely contemporary proportions.


What trends are you looking forward to? Leave a comment below!


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